Publisher Privacy Policy Information for Autodesk App Store

ALC takes our customer's right to privacy seriously. Below are the terms of our Privacy policy:

  1. Our apps do not have any mechanism to transmit user data outside the user's environment back to us. Data collected by Autodesk or components supplied by Autodesk are unavailable to us.
  2. By downloading our Apps, we are notified of the email address associated with the user's Autodesk account. From the user's Autodesk account we can access informations about the user's OS, Language,Country, First Name, Last Name, Email, Company Name, Date and Time of the download, and Quantity of Purchased.
  3. We do not share this data with any one outside our organization.
  4. We reserve the right to collect user-data for app performance and/or licensing in the future. Users will have the right to refuse data collection by reviewing the details of the collected data and notifying us.