Selected Work

Consulting and Teaching:

I share the passion for technology in landscape, enjoy to work together and share our expirience with my friend Dr. Guo Yong (Tsinghua University) and my teacher Prof. Peter Petschek (Rapperswil).
I believe that technology can improve the design process and that

  • BIM/LIM is ready for landscape design
  • Landscape designer should be ready for BIM/LIM
  • No fears - it is not a rocket science

Zaozhuang Phoenix Lake

Parametric modelling [Civil 3D]

Tsinghua University

Teaching [Civil 3D]


Currently I am working on parametric objects for Civil 3D like stairs and plants as well as creating templates including layers, styles and labels.

The LAND[x] Solid Stair plug-in provides tools for a creating and editing simple solid staircases in Autodesk Civil 3D based on parameters for height of riser, length of tread, width, landing and slope.
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My design philosophy is deeply influenced by the German designer Dieter Rams (10 principles of good design) and the Swiss landscape architect Dieter Kienast (10 Thesen zur Landschaftsarchitektur).
I learned a lot during my work with Dr. Ernst Hengstenberg (Former Head of the Urban Planning and Building department of Dachau municipality), Prof. Rainer Schmidt (RSLA Munich) and Michael Triebswetter (GTL Kassel).

  • Rational design with accordance of function, form and construction
  • Sustainable design including ecological, social and economic aspects
  • Integrated design incorporating all necessary disciplines