I provide strategic advice BIM/LIM implementation to landscape practices.

The BIM/LIM implementation process is carried out together with the managment, the design team, the engineers and and the documentation team. In this process the drafting standards and the workflows (BIM/LIM-Manual) as well the selection off technology and the training plan are carried out.
BIM/LIM will be implemented in to your existing workflow, utilizing your existing software and knowledge and combined with new technologies to realize the benefits of BIM/LIM.


I am providing training for relevant software (Civil 3D, Map 3D, QGIS, Infraworks, Revit) and how to effectively manage information across all stages of your design projects.

With "learning by doing" on hands-on projects the benefits from BIM/LIM can by gained faster and und users will understood the BIM/LIM approach better.
A special attention is put on streamlined workflows by using multiple tools to build data rich models and and ensuring smooth data exchange between this as well as your project partners for conflict (or clash) detection, budget control and tendering.


I am building advanced landscape 3D-models, designing from scratch or changing existing 2D drawings in to data-rich 3D model starting from early design stage until construction documents.

I cam creating:

  • Base models from existing data and using this models for analyzing the existing conditions
  • Simple models with lower LOD (Level of development) in early design stages for design evaluation, visualisation and clash detection
  • Data rich models for QTO and tendering in later design stage
  • High level of detail models to extract constraction drawings


I am providing support through the changes and technical challenges inherent in implementing and adopting new technologies, establishing the new standards and workflows.

I work with you and your team together on site or remote and assist when questions or issues arise, so I can immediately address any questions or concerns regarding

  • Processing existing topographic maps, survey data, photogrammetry and LiDAR data
  • Parametric grading
  • Hardscape elements (i.e. roads, paths, staircases and retaining walls)
  • Checking the design solutions against industry standards
  • Quantity take off
  • Integrating architecture models
  • Preparing the landscape model for integration in to a federated model

Data Management

Integrating data from different sources is one of the main challanges in LIM. I have special expertice in:

  • Handling GIS data, including dealing with geographic coordinate systems
  • Processing survey field books
  • Extracting and regenerating elevation information from flat drawings
  • Connecting Landscape models with BIM
  • Processing point clouds from LiDAR or photogrammetry models


I create extensions and customized objects for Civil 3D, improving usability and functianality for landscape designer.

  • Parametric landscape staircases
  • Parametric trees (under development)