Tutorial - Chinese Coordinate Systems and Bing Maps in Civil 3D

I updated and put my tutorial (originally written for the THUPDI workshop) about finding the right settings for Chinese geographic coordinate systems and using Bing maps in Civil 3D.

Overlayed map data from different sources (like from multiple digital maps, redline coordinates, survey and GPS data) often missmatch. Most likely the drawings using different geographic coordinate systems and projections. Manually moving them to matching points may lead to serious errors when you have to give coordinates back for permits or construction and your drawings may missmatch your clients drawing. Setting the drawings in to the right system could solve this.

This tutorial covers the basics of finding the matching coordinate system and adjusting the background map in Civil 3D. Adjustments needed to adjust some obfuscation in Chinese digital maps regarding to national security concerns https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Restrictions_on_geographic_data_in_China will be covered in a separeted tutorial.

Find the tutorial here.